Transformation Towards A Healthy Life With Dr. Nick Delgado

Transformation Towards A Healthy Life With Dr. Nick Delgado

ENW 3 | Healthy Life

Everybody wants to have a healthy life. But with all the different challenges today, is it a goal you can reach? Dr. Nick Delgado says yes! Pamela Wirth and Dr. Delgado join forces today as they talk about how to maintain your health. Exercise, healthy eating, and mindset are all part and parcel of what Dr. Delgado discusses. So what are you waiting for? Tune in and join the march to a happy and healthy life today!



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Transformation Towards A Healthy Life With Dr. Nick Delgado

I want to welcome everyone to Dr. Nick Delgado of the 7 Pillars Coaching. I want to share his message and journey, which is a very exciting one. Dr. Delgado, go ahead and tell us a little bit about you.

It started as it often happens. It’s when you have challenges to your own health. When I was twelve years old, I had gut problems. Every day, I suffered from diarrhea. I went to the doctor and they did not believe me. They said, “How could you have diarrhea every day?” I said, “I'm sick. I don't know what to say.” They gave me some Pepto-Bismol and something else and it did not help. Something compelled me to read some nutritional textbooks. I found out that Asians, Black and Latinos have problems with dairy products. I'm half Latino, so I went off the dairy product. Lo and behold, my gut cleared up within days.

I went back and drink some milk, I got sick. I tried some cheese and yogurt, I got sick. I tried goat milk and lactate milk, it was horrible. It did not matter. It was not the milk sugar, it was the milk protein. Sometimes, when we are younger, we can handle these things. As we get older, our gut changes and things happen. Also, milk protein from cows was never intended for humans.

In the first two years of life, those who are fortunate were breastfed. Some are longer than two years, and others go right to a formula. I was breastfed so I was fortunate. By the age of twelve, I also struggled with being massively obese. When I say massively obese, at twelve years old, I was 5’7” and weighed 150 pounds.

The Pop Warner football team wanted me to try out for the team. In the prior year, I had and it was fairly easy to make the weigh-ins. When I turned twelve, I was a bigger kid. I had it par down from 150 pounds down to 115 in a very short period of time. I learned what severe fasting was. I starved myself. I ran 5 miles a night after football practice. I lost the weight and made the weigh-ins, but I was so weak and wobbly from not eating. My coach gave me these little white pills. I am still not sure what those were, they might have been diuretics or something.

ENW 3 | Healthy Life

I did make the weigh-ins but then I found out, and I did not realize this, I had to make the weigh-ins every week. Every week, I would struggle to make the weight. There are a lot of sports where guys and gals have to make weight like MMA fighters and wrestlers. I felt that pain. I remember crying myself to sleep at night because I was so hungry. When I went to school, I could not think about school. All I could think of was when do I get to eat, if I can eat, and I had one hard-boiled egg a day and a little bit of cottage cheese. I lived on that for a couple of months. I broke my hand, ribs and nose in football. It was an excuse because I was not a quitter. I said, “This is enough. I have broken bones. I better stop playing.”

I went to my dad's beer tavern. I ate nonstop for a week. I gained back from 115 pounds to 145 pounds in one week. It never stopped. After that, I kept eating and eating. I felt so deprived. I said, “I will never starve again ever. I will never go on a diet my whole life." Eventually, in my high school year, I weighed 200 pounds. I played football. I got a scholarship to go to UCLA and BYU to play football. I ended up going to USC but I did not play football. At halftime on Thanksgiving, I was at a Turkey Bowl. I was playing against the Pasadena Police Department. We were with the Ralph's Box Boys. They knew I was a ringer so they brought me in. I was making vicious hits all over the field. I was tearing into these police officers. It was fun.

At halftime, I fell to the ground. I had my entire senior year for four years on high blood pressure medications. I did not know why I had high blood pressure. I was the only team player that had high blood pressure. They put me on meds and it had side effects, but on Thanksgiving, I had a stroke, a TIA. I was only 21. I thought, “Here I am on meds. I'm supposedly protected. I almost died,” and then I saw on 60 minutes Nathan Pritikin. He was talking about Live Longer Now in a living center.

I followed the book. I was in Physical Therapy school at USC and an undergraduate in Psychology. I wanted to work with Nathan Pritikin. I lost 50 pounds without starving. I could eat ad-lib. I could eat as much as I wanted and I reached my ideal weight. Remember, my first rule was to never starve and never fast and I did it.

I went to Nathan Pritikin in Pasadena, California for a six-hour talk. Not only did it fulfill everything when I read his book Live Longer Now by Hofer, Leonard and Pritikin, but it blew my mind. I said, “This man knows more about health and nutrition than any doctor on the planet,” and he was not a doctor. He was an engineer. He had multiple degrees in science. He applied his engineering and science background methodically to looking up medical journals to solve his own problem, which he had coronary heart disease. He had learned from a lesser-known doctor, Lester Morrison, who was doing a living center at that time in Santa Barbara.

Pritikin decided to open up his own center first in Santa Barbara, and then he graduated over to Santa Monica in a big hotel. I got the opportunity of my life because when I stood in a long line after 600 people had heard him talk to get autographs and talk to him, I showed him my before-after picture. He looked at that and he said, “Did you do that with my program?” I said, “Absolutely. I read your book Live Longer Now and I applied the principles.” He said, “Would you like to work at the Pritikin Longevity Center?” I said, “Yes.”

I made the commute from El Monte, California. I lived in my little mobile home with my wife at that time. I was thrilled because I got to sit after the Riverside Public Health Officer of the whole community. He was a graduate of Loma Linda University, but he could not fulfill the promise that Pritikin needed. It was to have a full-time educator to guide the people and create a program, so when he left shortly after hiring me, I became the director of the entire outpatient program.

I had to create a program. I met Joyce Johnson. She gave me a book, See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar. I was so motivated. I said, “This is great. I can do anything if I put enough effort into it,” and sure enough, people were betting against me because Joyce Johnson and I would go into the community and do seminars from a newspaper ad that I had a place. I learned from Carson Robertson, a famous advertising agency, how to write ads. We did not think anyone would show up, but on the night of the event for the free introductory seminar, 500 people showed up in Pasadena. I enrolled so many people, each paying $450 to come to our six weekly classes that we had an overflow of 50 people enrolled. We were profitable from the very first day after the ads were paid for in the room.

As we get older, our gut changes, and things happen. Milk protein from cows was never intended for humans.

We transformed lives. We did six weekly classes. In the first two weeks, they said, "This food is awful." At the end of six weeks, we do a potluck and the people would prepare the food and bring and share it with us. They would always tell me, "Those first couple weeks, I was going to drop out. The foods had no sugar and no oil in them. They were plant-based but look at this recipe I made.” I tasted it and I think to myself, “It’s just like the first week but your taste buds have changed.” I did not tell him this. I said, “This is a marvelous recipe. I'm going to add it to my cookbook.” Years later, I created a cookbook and we had this long eighteen-year haul where I was going into the community.

One day, instead of doing newspaper ads, a guy out of Glendale said, “You would be great on the radio.” He had me on K.I.V Radio, KBRT Christian Radio and another station. I was on Drive Time, Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM. Little did I know, that radio station broadcasts it all the way to San Diego up to Santa Barbara inland. I was heard everywhere.

I would open up the phone lines and no one would call in. I'm like, “This is the worst. No one's listening to me.” On Saturdays, I would open up the phone lines on KKLA. Once again, I would have some planted callers call in to talk to me. I thought I failed, and then I said, “We are going to have this community event at San Gabriel Community Hospital. We are doing an event at 7:30 PM.” It was always 7:30 PM. I figured it gave people time to drive. That was before COVID and shutdowns and people could go to events.

I also offered a cholesterol check. I brought machines so I could check everyone's cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. I said, "We are going to be at Torrance Hawthorne Community Center. We are going to be at St Luke's Community Hospital. I named different hospitals. There was one, I believe it was a Presbyterian Hospital in Glendale.

I was driving to Torrance that night for the first event. I'm thinking, “I hope someone shows up.” I come down to Hawthorne Boulevard, crossing Torrance Boulevard, and I see a line around the entire block. I thought, “There's some event going on.” I walk up with my little event keys, I turn around, and they are all in line to hear my talk. They all jammed in and were all hysterically trying to get in. I said, “There's no room. We are going to get in trouble. You have to come to the meeting tomorrow night at Torrance Holiday Inn.” I mentioned, “Look in the newspaper. They are all listed.” Every night, it was packed with 500 to 1,000 people.

Jay Abraham, the famous and incredible marketer that built up Tony Robbins to be who he is, or at least helped him in terms of that, he's probably the highest-paid marketer in the world. He calls me up and said, “Are those ads polling?” He lives in Rancho Palos Verdes. I said, “Yeah, beyond belief.” He said, “Come meet with me.” I did not know who he was. I got to meet with him. We sit down and talk about marketing and different things. To this day, I have known Jay Abraham.

I will never forget. I went to Laguna Senior Center and I was supposed to do a talk. Somehow, they did not place the ads. No one announced the event. I showed up and there was one person in the room. I'm looking around and going, "What do I do?" I thought, "The show goes on." I did my 90-minute talk and she enrolled 100%. I thought, "This is good." I had so much fun because I was getting excited and passionate talking about how important the six weekly classes are.

It was the beginning of a transformation. I realized later that it’s not only the six weekly community classes. The most important component of that was not just the lecture part, it was because I had my mom and Joyce Johnson prepare the foods from the cookbook. They would eat them full course meals. We did 4 or 5-course meals at these events, and that was before hotels got strict about, "We have to cater it. You can't bring your own food in." I don't know how we got away with that. It was great.

ENW 3 | Healthy Life

They were very impactful mentors in your life in bringing you to who you are now. Tell us a little bit about some of the people that you enjoy working with and some of the impacts that you enjoy making now.

Tony Robbins was the big one because I was doing radio shows and it got to be more and more popular. One of his personal trainers called me up and said, “I would like to arrange for Tony Robbins to meet with you.” I knew who he was. That was back in 1991 or 1992. She says, “Come to the castle. He’s going to take fifteen minutes with you. Bring your microscope.”

I had been using microscopy at that time for many years. I brought my microscope right to his home and set it up. I put his blood on the screen and I talked to him for fifteen minutes about what it was. I wanted to be respectful. He came from a boardroom next door and he was talking with all these business people. He leans into it and looks at me. He goes, “No one knows that about me. How did you figure that out?” I said, “I have been doing this for years. You can see amazing things.” He said, “Really?” He kept me there for four hours.

He had me test everyone in the castle including his wife, kids and staff. He then leans forward and in his big voice goes, “Nick, can you test a lot of people?” I said, “Yeah.” He goes, “I have this event called Mastery University and 1,000 people are going to be there. You have two months to get ready. We are going to hold it in San Diego.” After that, we did Maui, Kona and Cancun. Those are amazing places. I look him in the eye and said, “We can do it.” I'm thinking to myself, “It’s not humanly possible.” There's no way you can test 1,000 people in three days and then retest them at the end of nine days because it was Mastery University.

I hired twenty technicians. I even brought my daughter. At that time, my daughter was only nine years old. We were so frazzled from trying to test everyone. I had my daughter helping to collect the paperwork and the blood samples. It was unbelievable, but I figured out a system where I could test 50 people at a time, put them in a room and then we were able to educate them in groups. At the end of nine days, I published my PhD thesis. Some people frown on it like, "You did not go to a university," this and that. I was a postgraduate at Loma Linda University, Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach. I realized that traditional RD Nutrition was so outdated.

After having worked with Pritikin, I knew their paradigm was completely wrong. When I had to answer the questions about protein things, I had to answer what I thought they wanted to know but I knew it was not right. Even though I had questioned the professors and said, "Why do you say that animal food is the best source of protein when you know that's not true?" He said, "The textbooks are produced by the meat and dairy industry and they provide them to us for free." I'm like, "Follow the money."

Working with Tony Robbins was fabulous because, at that time, I did not know NLP, timeline therapy, and neuro reprogramming. I decided to trace down his teachers. I studied with Richard Bandler. I went and found Dr. Tad James and became certified. I found all the best because Bandler was best friends with Tad James, and Tad James was my personal trainer. He and I exchanged health services.

That was the beginning of the biggest change in my life because I look back not on my Psychology degree at USC. It's a four-year degree. I showed up to class every day. I had Ronnie Howard behind me, the producer, in my film school at USC. It was an amazing time in my life, but it was learning the power of the mind and how to redirect the subconscious mind. It's not about just preparing the foods and teaching them and educating them about exercise, the importance of sleep, and the seven pillars of health. It’s what do you do to reprogram faulty programming from the time of our upbringing. You’re looking at media, television, school and lunch programs. All this is a mess so I have to help people at the deepest subconscious level through programs that we offer.

Every Wednesday, I do a program at 3:00 PM Pacific, and then the VIPs come on at 4:00 PM via separate Zoom. It has been an ongoing evolution. Every time I want to focus on some other cool things I'm doing, I always get drawn right back to the power of the mind and subconscious training. Tony Robbins at that time was making about $50 million a year, but he was spending $55 million a year. He almost went bankrupt several times. He then found out he was being embezzled and there were all of these problems.

It's not about just preparing the food and educating people about exercise, the importance of sleep, and the seven pillars of health. It's what you do to reprogram faulty programming.

Long story short, this book came out, Life Force. My new book that’s coming out is Disease Hacking. It goes even beyond this book. This is an amazing 600-page book, but he does not have the experience I do with having stem cells. They talk about doing it and now, they are starting to learn about it. I was doing it in the early-2000s, 2004 or 2005. I have had ten stem cell treatments myself. I have seen miracles with people, but there are dangerous levels of biological material. If you don't know what's dangerous, you need to get educated about that.

For me, I guide people on their journey to health no matter how tough it is. I have helped some of the kids with autism that were inaudible and challenged horribly and turned their life around. I corrected their gut health, got them the proper supplements, the right food, and worked on their hormone and stem cells. All these things make a profound difference for kids on the spectrum.

I have a special place in my heart for kids in the spectrum because when my son, Lance, was born, they injected him with a substance that was for RH positive negative. It's called Rogaine. They banned it in2003. In 1986, when they injected him, it caused permanent brain damage. I was trying to work through solutions for him. His mother thought I was crazy trying to figure out stem cells. She thought I was out there. We are no longer together but these things happen in life. I still keep pursuing how can I help kids and I have helped many kids.

My son is on the spectrum. He never had a V shot, eats all gluten-free, dairy-free and plant-based. He is a pescatarian so he will eat a little fish. I make sure I check his mercury levels because I'm always concerned about that. He's integrated, getting A in school. He's high-level Asperger's. This is the first year that he has friends. It's so important to me that I see my kids thrive. I want to help Lance. They are not letting me because he is in an institution. I don't know what to do but all I can do is put out my energy, my heart, and help people with their hormones with everything to do. There have been some great mentors.

Do you work with people of all ages from kids up to aging adults?

Children up to my oldest client who is 93. His name is Ray Wilson, a family fitness in Mexico. He has started more fitness clubs than any man in history. He was the guy that was behind Jack LaLanne if you remember who Jack LaLanne is. His blood looks perfect. I was like, “How could it be so perfect?”

When someone comes to you, what do you start with? Do you start with a blood test? Do you start with understanding more about their nutrition? What's your go-to, to begin with?

I realized I cannot scale up if I saw people one-on-one. It was impossible to see enough people, so we do the group events. We do group VIP sessions. Now, I start in Corona, California with my son. It’s a six-bedroom place that's 3,200 square feet where we have a living center. It’s called the 7 Pillars Retreat. We are starting to accept people.

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We had our first graduate, Dr. Harvey Kaplan. He had amazing results. He has lost 20 pounds. He reversed diabetic neuropathy in his feet. His eyesight came back. It’s a miracle. Here's a Harvard-trained doctor, a graduate of the University of Virginia, and everything was wrong with him. A lot of the doctors hear me speak around the world. I'm better known in the medical community and anti-aging community than I am in the general public, at least at this time. Wait until my new book comes out and we really step up the pace.

Dr. Kaplan called me up and said, “Can you help me?” He went into the details and I said, “We can help you but we are not going to be able to help you remotely. You have some serious challenges.” In my experience, an experience where you live with us, eat with us, exercise, and measure your hormones. It's in no particular order because each person comes to us in a different situation. We do have people fill out It takes about twenty minutes to answer all the things about what you are eating, what you are doing, your sleep, your lifestyle, your supplements, and what challenges you have health-wise. In our groups, we figure out how to personalize what to do. It's a lot of group dynamics. I have always been a master of groups because their peers feed off each other. If you do it one-on-one, they don't have that encouragement from other successful graduates.

Do you encourage them to keep in touch with each other after the program or do you keep that confidential?

Years ago, we did what was called the Pritikin Alumni Association, so they formed their own groups. We realize that in this time and age, it's great now with Facebook and other groups you can do. We are encouraging that. Since the first groups are starting to graduate, we are moving them into that model.

That allows them to become coaches for other people too and help that journey faster.

A long time ago, I was trying to hire Loma Linda graduates. They are very sharp people. It worked but there's nothing better than a graduate of your own program. Some of them are doctors, chiropractors and house moms. I had a UFC fitness guy and a fighter. My son trains with him. He heard about me and he had an autoimmune disease, a horrible Crohn's gut disease. He listened to a 40-hour MP3 of all my YouTube audio. He could repeat and answer any question. It was hilarious.

I’ve met him. He is incredible. The way he tells his story about how you helped him so much is amazing.

We have some incredible people that are heading up our programs. I want to start a movement not just across the United States but the world. Because of the internet, we can reach people. We have to be careful with the words we talk about because there are certain narratives and words we can't use but otherwise, the game is on.

What are your key takeaways for folks that are reading on things that they can do or ways they can follow up with you and the program? Is there anything that you recommend?

The best way to follow up is to go to There's a little button to apply. It's very short and few questions, and then you are sent a note if it looks like we can help you. You list a few of your issues and challenges if you are willing to give up certain vices and change your diet. I know people are going to say, “I'm not going to change my diet at all. Willpower never works.” If they feel defeated because, in the past, willpower did not work, starving, fasting, and going through all that. You can't starve and fast forever. All these people on high-fat animal product diets are having a fast to reach their goal. it's not sustainable. My experience of many years is in guiding people to be at peak performance.

When you combine the best of exercise forms and work out four times a week, you'll be in fabulous shape.

I was talking to my son with one of our NLP coaches. He loves MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. I'm starting to encourage him to do podcasts. Also, he fell in love with NLP, neuro reprogramming, and timeline therapy. I put him through the coaching program with her. His next goal is to go and meet athletes and help them to be peak performers. I want him to pursue his passion. He's 29 years old and tragically, when he was born, his mommy died ten days after he was born. She had hyperthyroidism, which is another part of my journey. Unfortunately, besides almost dying myself from a stroke, she died from hyperthyroidism and congestive heart failure compounded on Thanksgiving.

As a single parent, it has been challenging for me to see some of the kids go through opiates, alcoholism, and all these things happening around the world. I have leaned into appreciating not only is there drug and alcohol addictions but there are food addictions. I have gained more skills now to help people work through this. They don't have to depend on their willpower. It never works. You have to depend on the deepest level. During these weekly sessions, we involve them, depending on the groups and what they are working with, with that high level of the subconscious.

It gets back full circle to when I mentioned meeting with Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler and his trainers, and mastering that. I never wanted to practice that myself. It's a very deep immersion. It’s not that I don't like it but I thought I was on a bigger mission to cure cancer, heart disease, COVID, diabetes, and all these high-level diseases. I might be the guy remembered for solving acne because I wrote this book, Acne Be Gone for Good. I have helped 50,000 young kids clear up their acne because accidentally, as many great experiments and discoveries happen, I found out that a certain cruciferous vegetable extract that I put into a supplement was clearing up their acne.

I was trying to solve estrogen dominance for cancer and other conditions in the immune system, and all these kids and mothers kept calling me up saying, “Do you know that this product is clearing up acne?” I said, “No.” I started looking at the pathways and then I put out my first book. Dr. Sonia Badreshia-Bansal who's a board-certified dermatologist said, “Do you have a solution for acne?” I said, “Absolutely.” She said, “Hormonal acne?” I said, “Yes.” We sat down and we went through the book painstakingly for six months. She agreed to put her name on the book and co-write the book.

That's awesome. Thank you. You are truly an inspiration. It’s always fun to see you and meet with you. I hope to see you in person again soon here.

My next world record, I don't know if you know, but I hold two world strength endurance records. In 2007, I broke the all-time world record for curl and press. I had led team USA that same year to a world championship against the world's strongest strength endurance athletes. It was not single lifts, but curling heavy dumbbells. They were 45 pounds in each hand, curl and press overhead nonstop. I was the last man standing.

I led us to first in the world with my son, Nicholas, at the time who was a big 220 pounds at age fourteen. I was the oldest on the team at age 60. He was the youngest age at fourteen. We crushed the world. Dubai almost beat us but we beat them by five lifts. I love that passion for competitions from my football days.

ENW 3 | Healthy Life


I started developing secretly a workout system that takes twelve minutes. It's high intensity. It's not like HIIT. It's far beyond HIIT. In HIIT, you take a rest and workout. In my workout, there's zero rest and you train each muscle with one set to complete failure. You put pressure on the eccentric contraction and help a little bit with the concentric contraction. It's the most wicked intense workout. It takes nine days to recover from one workout.

When you build up, you can do it in twelve minutes. It reverses sarcopenia in seniors. It's great for kids who want to show their arms off. It’s s great for elite athletes. I took T.J. Slaughter who's a middle linebacker. He played for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. I know that in training, there are three forms of exercise. There’s the high intensity that can be done in twelve minutes, flow training, which I lift nonstop for an hour or so, and then yoga, balance and stretching. When you combine the best of those worlds and you work out four times a week, you will be in fabulous shape.

Supplements are a personalized thing. We look under the microscope and figure out what people need. We tailor what they need. I was at the LA Conscious Life Expo. We tested maybe a couple of hundred people or maybe less, but we were able to show them exactly what's going on and then tailor a program, what nutrient they need in this deficiency and that type of thing. We still do the testing at our office now in Corona. It has been exciting. Thanks for this opportunity.

If people enroll in the and they apply, the first week is free to sit in on the sessions. Almost everyone continues because it's only $99 a month. It’s guaranteed completely. We have a special offer going on with that now. When they go to and hit apply, we are going to send them a pre-release copy of my book, Disease Hacking. I sent it to you. Hopefully, you will check your Gmail. It will blow your mind. It’s twelve years of my work in putting together all the solutions to the most complex diseases.

It is my opinion because my next goal is not to break the next weightlifting record, but to break the all-time world record for healthy aging and to be the healthiest individual in history, which was Bernardo Lapello from Brazil who lived in Arizona. He stood upright, had no wrinkles, 114 years of age. At 115 years old, he passed on.

Jeanne Calment’s record was questioned because the Smithsonian Institute says she passed her mother's birth certificate onto her, so she did not live for 122 years. Bernardo Lapello is my hero. He falls very close to what I teach. I do more advanced therapeutics with stem cells and things that he did not have access to or maybe did not choose to do, but he is plant-based, eats a little bit of fish here and there, and walks every day. He did all these great things.

In my talks and weekly sessions, we zero in on the seven pillars of health. That's what I'm going to teach you that’s guaranteed to work within probably a month or two. It usually takes about six weeks, but maybe about three months. Some people have a long journey because they accumulate all these health problems. It might take nine months to reach a lot of their goals.

Thank you so much, doctor. 

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