The Eminent Method: Multiple Modalities To An Optimal State Of Health With Mark Cottom

The Eminent Method: Multiple Modalities To An Optimal State Of Health With Mark Cottom

As the saying goes, health is wealth. But how do we do that? What are the things we can do to take care of our health and live a healthy life? In this episode, Mark Cottom, the founder of Eminent Wellness, shares how the Eminent Method helps improve and enhance your health. Eminent's goal is to transform lives through its unique method, offering the best results in the shortest time possible while providing the knowledge for people to maintain the optimal state of health. Join Mark as he dives deep into the details of hyperbaric and more! Find out how you can effectively give your body what it needs to operate correctly and take care of itself. Tune in to this conversation now!


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The Eminent Method: Multiple Modalities To An Optimal State Of Health With Mark Cottom

Learn About Red Light Therapy, Hyperbaric Applications, Cryotherapy And More

I have Mark Cottom with me. He is the CEO and Founder of Eminent Wellness, and we are here sitting in a hyperbaric chamber.

It’s the largest freestanding hyperbaric clinic in Arizona.

Tell us what this is.

This is a twelve-person multi-place chamber. It will saturate all your body fluids, your tissues, and your blood plasma, basically giving the body what it needs to operate correctly so the body can take care of itself.

You've come up with this pretty incredible protocol. You've got professional athletes and cancer patients through here. Tell us a little bit about what you've come up with, how, why, and your journey.

The whole center is based on exactly what I said. It’s giving the body what it needs to operate correctly so the body can take care of itself. We lead with hyperbarics, which is going to saturate all your bodily fluids, your tissues, and blood plasma, and get oxygen to where red blood cells can't get to anymore through damage, disease, and poor vascular structure. It's going to boost your immune system and create angiogenesis, which is the regrowth of vascular structure.

It’s going to promote collagen growth, which is good for skin, hair, luster, and bone growth. It's going to mobilize stem cells which are the base of healing and decrease edema, which is doing all the damage in your body. The newest study out of Israel says it lengthens telomeres, which is reversing the aging process. Right across the board, everyone needs hyperbarics and they don't even know they need it yet. Our model here is hyperbarics. It makes each and every other modality that much better and they feed off each other making them all more effective.

There's a whole bunch of modalities that you have. I don’t if you want to call it a protocol or a program that people tend to follow when they're trying to either heal faster, whether it's a sports injury or a health and wellness concern. What's the path that you like to put people through here?

We start with our red light bed. It is custom. It has four different nanometer depths. One does skin, one does fat and deep fat. One does bone and joint pain and the last one does deep tissue repair. That normally starts the process. We have vibration tables that can be used for strengthening, conditioning, stretching, healing, and massage. We have sweat tents that'll heat up your core temperature to 3 degrees in 25 minutes, detoxifying on a cellular level and getting rid of metabolic waste. We have cryo, which is going to pull all your blood in the center mass, and then that brings fresh blood to damaged areas mobilizing the stem cells. Everything in our clinic increases blood flow, decreases edema, and mobilizes the stem cells.

How did you get into all this?

I've been doing this for about many years. I helped open a couple of integrated health centers, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. I then took the best thing I've ever learned and put it under one roof. Eventually, it's going to be streamlined, make it affordable, and attached to a full gym with a healthy eating center and 24-hour drive-through.

How often are people doing this whenever they have certain things that they're treating?

If they are treating something, we recommend it every day or as much as possible. We can then figure out how the body's healing and taper it off or maybe even go twice a day for some cases that are extreme. Ideally, if I'm treating something it's daily, and everybody needs this once or twice a week from a general maintenance perspective.

Are there any ages that you recommend?

Right now, we're treating high-end clients and athletes. Also, the sick and injured. My main focus is going to be educating the middle masses that are deemed healthy by the current medical model in pathological ranges.

It's more of an optimization around your health and wellness for folks that are in the middle and normal.

It's all about preventive maintenance. It’s proactive instead of reactive.

It's all about preventive maintenance. Proactive instead of reactive.

You've had some amazing stories that have come out of some of the treatments that you've done.

We have a couple of vaccine injuries that we've helped. One of which was a massive heart attack with 15 minutes without oxygen and 45 minutes of chest compressions. They brought him back to life while he was in the hospital. They sent the pastor in to tell the wife to pull the plug because you don't want him living like this. She looked him dead in the eyes and said, “What kind of person are you?”

I got a phone call from one of his best friends and somebody he does music with. He said that it was family and he needed some help. I said to bring him in. I got him. When he got here, he had a softball size bedsore on his tailbone. We healed that up in less than 30 treatments. He has officially walked out of my clinic. Coming from a state where we had to pick him up and transport him in and out of the car, now he's walking in and out of this chamber.

How old was he?

He is 34.

That's young.

He has his whole life ahead of him. He's taking pictures. He is walking on the beach. All the things he was not supposed to be here to do. He just walked his best friend down the aisle all in a suit and it brought tears to my eyes. We have countless stories like that like saving people's legs from being amputated from all kinds of different wounds.

We have burns. We saved a twelve-year-old boy's leg. He had one skin graft and it failed. He was on the second skin graft and 70% failed. We saved that skin graft and for anybody that knows the process of a skin graft, you got to debride and scrape it all back down. It's really painful, and we saved that second one. He went back to school within five days.

It's been pretty amazing. We've had countless stories and everybody that walks through those doors out there are having undeniable results. My future plan is to put this in the places where I've lived. I lived all over North America so I want to take care of the people that I love and care about the most. It's just back to the basics. We've come so far advanced with our current medical model that we've forgotten the basics and we all have the same basics. That's nutrition and hydration, exercise, rest, oxygen, light, and love. We all can see improvement in one, if not all those areas.

You got into health and wellness because you were a professional athlete at one point, right?

Yes. I played the highest level you can play of lacrosse and it's Canada’s national sport. I was recruited in Vancouver and I was sitting next to the doctor. We started talking because I wanted to watch the Flyers game because I'm from Philadelphia. They were in the playoffs and he said, “You got a good head on your shoulders. Why don't you come down to my clinic? If you like what you see, the job's yours.”

I ended up taking a SkyTrain and pedaling on my trek mountain bike off this mountain and got to the clinic. I walked in and I was like, “What is going on here?” He told me. He is like, “We treat CP, autism, cancer, HIV, and sports injuries. There are fourteen conditions covered by insurance. I was like, “I'm in. What do I have to do?”

I went down to Key Largo, Florida. I took Dick Rutkowski's course. I came back. I passed the board exams and became a certified hyperbaric technologist. A couple of years later, I went to San Antonio on a street bike. I was twelve and a half hours on a street bike and paid for that one a little bit. I became a safety director certified in chamber maintenance and acrylics with a Business degree.

As you're working through, you mentioned nutrition. Is there a certain program that you like folks to follow?

We partnered up with Hello Health. I highly recommend their nutritional supplements. We're looking at working together and formulating some liquid Nutritionals which are easier absorbed, especially for people that are already distressed and whose systems are working hard overtime on healing others parts of the body. We eventually want to take blood, stools, saliva, and urine testing to find dysfunctions going on in the body. Trace it back to the root of the problem and then give the dysfunctioning system what it needs to operate correctly.

Are you pro-carb, anti-carb, sugar, or protein?

I honestly believe that the answer lies in the middle. I don't think it's right-wing, left-wing, up, down, left, or right. Moderation is very key. People are still going to be people and live their lives. If we can give them what they need to continue to live their life in the best possible fashion, we're going to be winning. The people that we love and care about are going to have a nice healthy life full of abundance if we simply take care of the little things.

You mentioned love, mental health, and some of the things you do.

This becomes a community. People end up finding hyperbarics. Whenever the other door is closed on them, and we help them and they leave with tears of joy. People come in here and they see that we're not about the money. We're about the results. We want your health to improve as much as you want your health to improve but there's that side of personal accountability that needs to be accounted for.

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We can do all this and people go home, drink, smoke, and don't work out. It's a paradigm shift for us all. Each and every one of us can see improvement, and that's why we've built this place to make sure that we ruled out all of the excuses. “I don't have the time. I don't have the money.” I made it as affordable as possible.

We're helping people with charitable donations daily. People come in here that can't afford it and we work with their budget. That's the issue for me. I don't want to treat this like a business. I want to figure out a way that everybody can use these products and not be distressed financially. That's the key part and more people need to use what Eminent Wellness is doing on a daily basis more often.

The hard part too in the US is that a lot of this has always been cash pays. The insurance companies haven't bought off on it.

We're thinking about figuring out our own insurance. I think that this is the new medical model like the cut, the burn, the poison, and that kind of thing. Those days are done and that's why everything is happening the way it is. With what's happened in the few years, people were locked down. They had the internet in front of them. They did their own research.

They found out that there are other ways, “I don't have to lose my leg. I can go breathe oxygen for an hour. I can go into the red light and I don't have to be on antidepressants or all these medicines that they have us on.” We're showing people that there's another way to get the same result and it's a natural way. If you give the body what it needs to operate correctly, the body will take care of itself. It's the best doctor. If we optimally give the body what it needs, our healing potential has gone through the roof.

Is there anything else that I've forgotten to ask about?

Just some of the modalities that we have. We have hyperbarics, red light, cryo chamber, saunas, vibration, and ozone. We also have meal prep and PEMF.

What is PEMF?

It’s a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency.

What are you doing with that?

It has a grounding effect. It's like standing outside in the sun with no shoes on. It'll start the healing process and pull out negative energy. We call it the sleep station because it's undeniable that you will fall asleep from the relaxation.

Are you laying there? Are you standing there?

You are laying down. It's a little warm heat sensation with some ions.

Do they stick it on your feet?

No, it's a whole bed.

It’s through the bed itself.

It's crazy how much stress we carry on a daily basis. We also have BrainTap, which helps with depression, anxiety, past disappointments, and healing processes. Your brain loves patterns. We use light and binaural beats. It helps the brain develop new patterns that help with PTSD. We partnered up with the Border Patrol. We look forward to partnering up with all the police departments and fire departments here because every single firefighter that goes into a firefight needs a hyperbaric chamber. They need hyperbaric treatments immediately to flush out their system to prevent future damage.

It's crazy how much stress we carry on a daily basis.

A lot of this has to do with saturating the body with fluids, tissues, and blood plasma because most diseases can't reproduce in our environment. It slows down the maturation of all diseases. That in itself is beneficial for anyone going through anything. It's got to boost your immune system to slow down the maturation. It's a win-win for your body in general.

Also, IV.

We teamed up with a combat medic. Thank you for your service. He's amazing. Joel is an amazing person. We do Myers. We can do NAD. We can do all the pushes like vitamin C and magnesium. Pretty much whatever your body is lacking, we can fulfill in some way.

Are you doing any testing here or is that through another?

We will be bringing it in-house, but currently, we are using a lab up the street for blood, stools, saliva, and urine testing.

Thank you, Mark. Is there anything else?

No. See you guys soon.

How would people find you if they want to find you?

You can check us out on Facebook. We're on Google. We're on Instagram, @Eminent_Wellness. Follow us.

What's your website?

Our website is We're going to put some testimonials up there very shortly. You guys can come and check it out to see what we're doing firsthand. We'd love to help you. You'll realize that there's no other place like Eminent Wellness.

That's true. I haven't found anything else like it. Thank you, Mark.

Thank you for having us.


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