Hair Analysis: Your Pathway To Optimizing Health And Wellness With Lisa Rufsholm

Hair Analysis: Your Pathway To Optimizing Health And Wellness With Lisa Rufsholm


We are all familiar with the usual tests to assess our health, but are you also aware that our hair can tell us so much? In fact, it may inform us what the others can’t. This is what Lisa Rufshom discovered that eventually took her to the health and wellness space. Now, she has over 11 years of experience as a Nutritional Consultant specializing in Hair Analysis and working with clients virtually worldwide. In this episode, Lisa shares how hair analysis works, what the process looks like, and how it differs from blood work. She also discusses the benefits of detox, some of her favorite diets and nutrition, as well as the parasites in our bodies. There is so much wisdom on optimizing health that Lisa imparts in this conversation. So tune in to not miss out!


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Hair Analysis: Your Pathway To Optimizing Health And Wellness With Lisa Rufsholm

In this episode, I have Lisa Rufsholm. Lisa, you have done an amazing job in terms of being a consultant and advocate for those needing nutritional help as well as performing things like hair analysis. Welcome.

Thank you so much. It's nice to see you.

You too. I had the pleasure of working with you and getting an analysis done, which was fun and lightning. Tell us a little bit about how you got into health and wellness and what you do.

I got into it out of necessity. When I was 36, I was exhausted. I had four little girls running around here. My youngest was five. I was struggling to take care of them daily so I went to the doctor like we're all taught to do. They put a Holter monitor on because I was having some palpitation issues as well. They found some abnormalities and sent me down to the heart center. After doing the stress test and a heart bubble test, they said they weren't sure what was going on and that I needed a psychologist. That's the biggest way to tick me off. I'm not crazy depressed. It's not in my head. I have some results that prove it.

My friend's mom had been doing hair analysis for about twenty years at that time. I said, "Do it. I have nothing to lose. I can feel myself sinking and dying." We did and found out my sodium and potassium were so low that I couldn't regulate my heart rate. When she retired, she left me in a pinch and I thought I'm going to get sick again. She said, "No, I'm going to train you. We're going to connect you with all of the doctors and get you certified." I took over and it's the best thing I've ever done.

Where are you based?

I'm in Minnesota. I'm virtual and global. I don't need to see anybody. I send them the hair kit. They cut it at home and mail it to the lab. I get the results, go over them and give them their recommended supplement suggestions. Also, coach if they want to dig deeper into their specific needs with diet and detox.

When I did it with you, I found that it all went smoothly and fast. What's the typical timeframe that you find when you work with folks when they want to do something, you mail out the test, how it works and the process?

It's normally about a 2.5 to 3-week process because of mail. I mail the kit out and it takes 3 to 4 days. They get it and send it back. It takes 3 to 4 days to get to Arizona or the States. They'll process it for about three days and send me the results. I then email everything and then we do a phone call.

In terms of coaching, I'm sure you find some folks need more handholding than others. What does that look like? What do you find most people need support in?

Changing their dietary habits, integrating a healthier lifestyle and then doing detoxification methods. Most people don't think on that end but there are two parts. There's nutrition and detoxification. We need to get the garbage out that side while we're feeding the good stuff in the top end. I walk them through that and help them through the detox symptoms that do come up and they're called Herxheimer, to keep it flowing but not stopping so they're comfortable and we can get through that.

What do you find are some of your favorite ways of detox, supplements or ways? What are some of the things that you often find people benefit from?

Supplements are great because we can take them and they can do their stuff. Oftentimes, it needs a little more push or pull on the outside. I love near infrared sauna. It heats your skin and has almost an external fever so it can burn out a lot of parasitic infections. It can help with viruses that are stuck or dead virus residue. For people that are slow metabolizers or oxidizers, we don't sweat very well so it feels good to sweat. I'm a big proponent of coffee enemas. It's a mechanical cleansing of the liver like dialysis for your kidneys. It's gentle. It doesn't go into your bloodstream and give you jitters but it cleans out a lot of heavy metals and parasites. It takes fifteen minutes a day.

To clarify, an infrared sauna is different from the sauna you would find at the gym or something?

Near-infrared is a whole different wavelength than far infrared, which can have more electrical magnetic frequency and not get as deep in the tissue and as much light. It's a rabbit hole but it's much more beneficial. For little kids, I have moms use a single lamp on them for their backs and tummies because they can't sit in a full sauna and it helps.

How long would you suggest somebody uses a sauna?

It depends on the person. If we do a hair analysis and we know that your cellular savings of sodium and potassium are low, we don't want to do those yet because you don't want to sweat out those precious elements that you have to keep. Those are your electrolytes regularly. You're hurting and such. If it's safe, they can start with 25 to 35 minutes twice a day. They could do 45 to 60 minutes in there and get a whole lot of things done at 1 time. They can do audiobooks, deep breathing, meditation and lots of things they can accomplish while they're doing their detox, just use the time wisely.

You probably wouldn't recommend exercising if you're doing something like that twice a day. That would be too much, wouldn't it?

Maybe gentle walking would be great so they're not sweating. We don't want them to lose their electrolytes. Exercise and movement maybe twice a week. Do some resistance training to keep muscle.

Talk to us about some of your favorite diets and nutrition that you like.

I'm a biggie on increasing vegetables. We're not getting enough vegetables by any means. We need about 6 to 9 cups a day. It surprises people but cooked vegetables are better. It enhances a lot of enzymes and nutrients. It kills any parasitic contamination. If you've ever gardened, there are little cootie bugs on the back of all the leaves so you want to kill those before you eat them but varieties. That's where all of our nutrition comes from. We don't get the B vitamins and such from meat and fats or even complex carbs so much.

We're not getting enough vegetables by any means. We need about six to nine cups a day.

We need to focus on increasing our vegetable intake. Fruit, not so much, because it can increase the glucose in your cells and blood. Ninety-five percent of the time, leave the fruit alone for now, which is a hard one for people because they love their sugar and their sweetness but you can get the same nutrients in vegetables.

Any favorite vegetables?

I love roasting Brussels sprouts, carrots and cabbage steaks. You cut them about an inch thick and put some real butter on there, salt and pepper and roast them in the oven. It's one of my favorites.

You talked about parasites. Folks understand a lot about bacteria, viruses and fungi but we don't talk about parasites much. What do you have to share on some of the things that you've seen that parasites can do to your body if you leave them untreated?

Once you tip the scale and you can't keep them under control, that's when the problems start but they do steal your nutrition. They eat first and then you get whatever they haven't eaten. They do poop in us so we have to get rid of that toxin. They can carry ten times their weight and heavy metals. When they die off, you have to experience all that metal and remove that. They can interfere with their mental capabilities. I've had physician's assistants that have had an infestation, can't think clearly and can't work. They can't be around HDTVs or Wi-Fi because the parasites get very agitated.

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They can't function. They have way a lot of gut issues because they're partying down there. Some indicators might be if someone is clenching or grinding their teeth at night or if they're craving dairy or carbohydrates. They'll push you to eat those things so they can party all night long. Anti-parasitic are cats, dogs, cows, pigs and chickens. We need to look at ourselves too. It doesn't matter where you live. You can become contaminated. We eat fish and pork. We touch the dirt with our feet. Animals are like us. We eat raw vegetables. We've been exposed. We need to make sure to do biannual cleaning.

If someone's reading and they're trying to figure out, "Hair analysis. What do I do next? What does that look like,” what are some next steps that you would recommend people take?

I like to talk to people first. I want to find out where they're at, what they're looking for and how I can help them and give them options. Some people want the hair test to know they're on the right supplements for their chemistry. Some people want to change their whole lifestyle and stop all the toxic exposure. The conversation is where the magic is at so I can tell you what can help you the most. They can contact me at They can go to my website, I'm on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Let's talk and figure out where you're at and let me help explain what I can do for you to help and how many ways. It's pretty amazing with your energy level inflammation. I can see the glucose, thyroid and adrenal health at the small cellular savings instead of your blood, which is what you're checking that stays regulated so you don't know what's brewing underneath it all.

If you could share that a little bit. If someone's like, "No, I went in for my regular exam and my blood work's fine." How does this differ from the blood work that you typically get?

Your blood work is like a snapshot of what's going on. Let's say you ate a Snickers bar and in five minutes if we retested your blood, you'd look diabetic. That's a small picture of what's happening. If you go into the hair analysis, it's a mini-movie of the last month of your life and what's going on. Similar to an A1C for diabetic blood work, you can see where are your savings account in your body for your electrolytes. Where are your heavy metals? Are they toxic?

Are they not leaving your body and they're stuck? Where's your thyroid? You can have a great TSH level on your blood work but your thyroid is not functioning. You have all the symptoms but you're dismissed because your TSH is correct. We dig deeper into that, cellular savings and the long-term. What's going on at the bottom level? I don't take an account blood work a lot. I need to see the deeper picture. That’s what's going to regulate to keep us healthy. That's its job.

Any particular suggestions for our audience? Anything that you would want to share, lessons you've learned and things that you find that people ask questions about a lot?

Get the best quality of water that you can. I always advise spring water but make sure that the distributor does not add fluoride to the water. Dig in deep or get a Berkey water filter. I love that. It's very affordable and it takes out more things than the $5,000 machines I've compared them to. They're $380 for my family of 7 and it cleans everything out of the water from chemicals to some radiation. Increase your vegetables and buy organic. Non-GMO is your best bet.

Try to add two cups at each meal slowly until you have a variety and more nutrients coming in naturally. Our food is our medicine. Do a hair test and find out what supplements you need so you're not wasting time and money. Maybe doing yourself a disservice by taking something that your best friend says works great.

Thank you. That's fantastic. I appreciate your time and everything that you're doing to help so many people.

Thank you. I appreciate your products. I have 4 daughters and my 2nd one has autism, Asperger's. The Belly Health has been phenomenal. She became pregnant after she started taking them. She took a gap and her digestion is better. After her stomach has settled, she's taken them again.

Thank you, Lisa.


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About Lisa Rufsholm

ENW S2 E2 | Hair AnalysisHello, I’m Lisa Rufsholm. After a struggle with infertility, my luck changed, and I became a proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters. I was SO HAPPY, but my body was not.

I didn’t realize how much trouble I was in until I became unable to stay awake to care for them.

I fell asleep a Twins Baseball Game and ended up a joke on the big screen. That was my wake up call. My family needed me. So, I called my doctor. Countless medical appointments and extensive testing began.

My doctors were unable to find a problem and dismissed me, encouraging me to see a therapist because of their inability to find the cause, can you believe that?!

I was left hopeless with nowhere to turn. Thankfully I found Hair Analysis through Dr. Marcia Gutkowski and Analytical Research Laboratories. She saved my life!! Two weeks after starting her program, my husband called her to thank her for giving him his wife back!

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