Dr. Cie Allman-Scott talks with Pamela Wirth on the journey from Model to Actress to Media Psychologist, broadcasting answers to life's challenging questions on TV and in podcasts.

Dr. Cie Allman-Scott talks with Pamela Wirth on the journey from Model to Actress to Media Psychologist, broadcasting answers to life's challenging questions on TV and in podcasts.

Hi this is Pamela worth with the encourage your Wellness podcast and today I have Dr. Cie thank you so much for being with us

Dr. Ciewell I love being here and of course we have some four-legged stress reducers and exercise machines here to help us with the interview

Pamela : so you have had a pretty incredible journey you started first in modeling and then you went into acting and then you got into health and wellness rejuvenative medicine explain to us how this journey kind of came to be here

Dr. Cie : well I've always really loved education which is not surprising because you have to really love education to go to school long enough to write the papers and get a PhD that's that's one thing but that was not the original intent I would say after I got out of my undergrad and went to work in advertising and marketing and things I just really didn't make enough money and so I went back to modeling for a while and I said well you know I don't have to stay in this but then I realized wow you're getting to be an old model you're in New York and you're 24 years old oh my goodness you're getting old this is hilarious because I'm 56 right now but I said I better not end up like that so I moved to LA started acting and actually it only took me about two years of getting parts in movies and TV shows that you would know like Pulp Fiction or General Hospital it I noticed that if it wasn't me it could just be any blonde reading those lines and that's why I felt not self-expressed I felt like wow this is so meaningless in my life and I should have more meaning in my life so I stepped back and I went to work for again advertising but I went into direct response and all we had was health and wellness products Health wellness fitness and after a while they said wow you're writing great copy you should be in front of the camera though and I said well clearly I have experience I could do that so I went ahead and did it and then I said you know I have this idea for a show where we interview celebrities we were in La we were in Hollywood and why don't we interview celebrities and work out with them at the same time we could do it all in gym clothes and we could talk about the mind the body and the spirit and they were like nice idea so we kept going with our infomercials and commercials I probably wrote over 200 commercials for health and wellness products and the numbers were going down in direct response there was a time that every thing that you put on an infomercial would sell like hot cakes and you know people just got a little tired of it the market got saturated it depleted and one day they came to me and said you know that show that you want and I said yes and they said we want to do it now and I said great we're going to do episodic TV now and we started out with three markets New York Chicago LA and we were successful and more and more station groups wanted the show so we signed on you know 20 here 50 here another 100 here and we covered the United States pretty much the same stations that Oprah Winfrey had at the time and we had Monday through Friday we call it a strip show although everybody kept their clothes on and it was just wonderful and stars had a great time and it was really loved by people it was a funny show like a morning show like reges and Kathy Lee and Jim close at that time well

Pamela : it's so much more authentic than a direct response you know long form sales letter or infomall you know a lot of people might not really understand what direct respones but you've sure been bombarded with them over the years

Dr. Cie   right that's when they have a call to action and they say bye now here you go here's the phone number get on it

Pamela : you'll never see it again?

Dr. Cie   Hilarious but true and from there eventually the other executive prod producer and I parted ways and he went into a different form of television and I went into more writing wrote a book my my first Amazon bestseller is called decide your future right directed Star in your life that was not my first Amazon book though my first book was seven rules for making decisions and I thought it was important for people to use their brain think and not make decisions by default because so many decisions that we have are made by default so I wanted to give people an empowered way to make a decision use their intuition but also six other things including calculating risks noticing the time window that you have so I was giving people a way that they could absolutely make a decision about anything and always go forward for what they wanted these were not my choices you impart your own preferences in this process so it was a really effective process it worked out really great and it's it's been successful I've been teaching about the brain I got my PhD in Psychology and a black belt starting from the time that I was doing my show infinite power workout and I just have worked hard to get to a certain place so then I went back I do TV now I have an Amazon show Apple TV I have longevity reports with Dr C I have Beauty and Truth where I interview a celebrity guest that you would actually recognize and know we talk about health or beauty or something like that and then we have Fitness we have mindset we have critical thinking and gosh Spirit whatever you want just to get you unstuck in life and get you healthier and look younger too because beauty is on the inside and on the outside and people just need to be reminded of that now and then

Pamela : it's true so what are some of your favorite things when it comes to aging Feeling Good from the inside out Feeling Good from the outside in

Dr. Cie okay well I really love three things and of course this is going to evolve but the three things that I've gotten the most bang for the buck have been bioidentical hormones I personally had osteopenia then I had osteoporosis by age 50 and I started with my bioidentical hormones I do which are plant-based okay they are non-toxic if you don't overdo it but of course again testing is so important you should always know where you stand but I just have pellets inserted in my butt and they dissolve over 3 4 months so in that time my hormones are back jacked up to when I was 20 years old and I feel great it's good for your skin it's good for your entire body so that's one really big one for me the second one has been bio I'm sorry the second one has been stem cells realize I was a black belt and you have to take a lot of beadings to get to be a black belt you hit the floor a lot of times it can be very painful and I redid my shoulders I redid my knees and during Co I lost without surgery yeah without surgery I literally walked in I was doing Beauty and truth and I walked in for my first stem cell treatment and they injected my knee and I walked out in my high heels I didn't even need any kind of anesthesia I just got shot up and wow my knee started to really get better and then I was sold on it I just said wow I'm going to make sure that I'm using the right Stone cells and I'm going to do more and more and I literally lost a lot of hair during covid and we decided to inject my entire head with stem cells not exosomes or cytosomes we just did full on stem cells with hundred other growth factors and within maybe five weeks my hair was just like coming out like wow so great and I'll never forget the doctor she's like wow that was a great experiment and once in a while we'll inject St stem cells into things and I think we are going to have some guinea pigs tomorrow but it's not like that it is very wellth thought out planned and ultrasound to make sure that we inject the right areas now I don't do that okay I'm not that kind of a doctor I work with a do who does that and she's fantastic

Pamela : that's super you know and with my mom after she had chemotherapy in interesting journey and some of the past listeners will know that she went through chemotherapy and radiation and surgery and then we took her down to Tijana where she was doing natural cancer killing cells stem cells and she did the stem cell treatment on her scalp and now her hair is coming back thick and and pretty and so you know your body can repair

Dr. Cie : Absolutely your body wants to repair so don't stand in its way but really the thing that I do every day for regenerating myself is red light therapy I have a commercial bed okay so I don't use a small device I don't use just a mask now if you have a mask go ahead and use it it's not going to do cognitive benefits for you because it really probably isn't designed to go that deep but my bed has four wavelengths and the wavelengths are wavelengths some of what you can see some of the light you can see is red that on that end of the spectrum now the other end of the visible spectrum is not good for you at all but when you get all the way to Red at the end of the rainbow then you have this healing light so literally if you go outside at Sunrise and at Sunset you are getting red light you're not getting a huge dose but it's a nice dose it's better than not doing it so have your coffee out there have what whatever you're doing out there walk your dog you know at Sunset because that's healing light and don't put on sunscreen then too but you know you go out at noon the white light can kill you so you just have to be careful of that but on that on that Spectrum it goes into the invisible light so you go from the rainbow into the invisible or near infrared spectrum and then you go into far infrared you heard of that sometimes people talk about saas that are far infrared in certain cases you can get burned by far infrared they don't do that in red light therapy in near infrared but when you go past that you're into microwave so just so you understand where this all goes where these wavelengths go so the healing wavelengths that I use are like 630, 660 that's for your skin and beneath your skin a little bit and when you get into the 800s you are going a lot deeper into the organs and things like that 880 is great 850 is good and then I also have 940 so literally

Pamela : do you lay on a bed and it also has a thing that's over the top?

Dr. Cie yes I yeah I get in there like a sandwich yeah and it goes a lot faster because I'm in there for 20 minutes and I have helped a lot of people and companies I I wrote a book about it the book is called oh boy what is the book called transforming Health and Beauty red light therapy for you and your pets because my dogs as soon as I open that cover in the morning they Jump Right In they know it's good for them and they're right in there with me and it's it's a really great thing it's super beneficial for everyone it can lengthen your pet's life it can take away their pains their arthritis and I highly highly recommend it if you want more information you can go to my LinkedIn and I will try to consult with you personally best I can my LinkedIn is C Alman Scott or it's C Scott PhD whatever put that in and you know I would love to help you best I can

Pamela : yeah we'll be sure to put everything in the show Notes too and you know I love my dogs obviously you love yours, from a mindset and from a relaxation standpoint I have to imagine that that's one of the best things that people can do for themselves

Dr. Cie oh yeah it is medically proven in the psychological world that these dogs will heal and that petting a dog will bring Better Health into your life so so they are very precious and they can give you back so much more than what you put in

Pamela : yes anything else that you want to make sure we touch on you've been so helpful

Dr. Cie well I'd love to help you with your red light therapy and you know if you are looking for a bed I do have some sources of beds in fact I have one company that makes a very powerful bed even more powerful than what I have and it's less expensive and I happily introduce you and get you a red light therapy bed for you or your practice I probably won't be happy until every single police station has their own red light therapy bed and it's on every corner and every every body has access because you cannot believe what it can do for your inflammation it gets into the mitochondria of every cell it does have the ability to kill off the diseased cells and energize and help the cells that are healthy so you will feel different pretty quick if you get the systemic benefits if you're not just doing this part or the phase or you know it's it's astounding what systemic benefits can do to change your life every system of your body from your from your bones to your digestion to your cognitive abilities in your brain everything

Pamela : super well thank you so much doctor we really appreciate having you on

Dr. Cie : Well I love being here thanks Pamela.



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