Activate Your Body Wellness Today With Dr. David Owers

Activate Your Body Wellness Today With Dr. David Owers

Your body has wisdom and you just need to awaken it. You need to pull the right levers and really understand yourself so that you can find wellness. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your body and you can go through anything. Join Pamela Wirth as she talks with a physician, wellness innovator, and the owner of Ageless 3.0, Dr. David Owers. Dr. Owers offers soft, rejuvenated, and natural results delivered through well-honed skills and cutting-edge techniques. He will take years off your face and help you achieve that look you always knew was possible. Learn more about his service and how you can help activate the wisdom of your body.


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Activate Your Body Wellness Today With Dr. David Owers

Tips On Feeling And Looking Better Both Inside And Out

In this episode, I'm so happy to have David Owers. Doctor, you are in hospital care as well as many years of private practice and wellness. Tell us a little bit about your journey and everything that you've been doing in medical care. You were trained in Canada, but please tell us a little bit more about you.

Thanks very much for having me here. I have been around for many years in the medical field. I'm a traditional Western Medicine doctor. That's the way I got my start. I continued doing hospital medicine for the last few years. I had a private practice here in the Greater Vancouver area where we do non-surgical aesthetics but with a twist.

It always had a holistic approach, and then non-professionally, throughout my entire life, I've traveled the world. I have looked at all kinds of healing modalities and all kinds of strategies that I applied to myself, never thinking that I should do any of that professionally until lately. A few years ago, in March of 2020 and I don't need to go further into what happened to the whole world at that point, but I found myself being a newly ordained frontline worker.

I've been doing hospital medicine for many years and never was called that until a few years ago, but at any rate, here I was at a state in March of 2020 when there was only fear and very little information. That caused a pivot, I'm sure, for a whole lot of people. Not to make light of anybody's experience there, but to move forward to make sure that I can get my point across, despite everything and what I saw a lot of people go through, and I feel for them all, it produced a silver lining for me. It produced a pivot into the wellness space for me. It was that push because I saw how needed it was.

What are some of the things that transformed you and caused you to start embracing wellness? Some of the things that you're feeling passionate about and treating now because you are doing that as well as you're still doing in hospitals. That's quite an undertaking, for sure.

It's almost like a circle where you've got the allopathic medicine and you've got the more holistic medicine. The two are necessary. They have their place, and it's almost like coming full circle if you have some knowledge of both. It gives a lot of perspectives, for one thing. The impetus for me was this whole world pushing pause, allowing me to pause and allowing me to figure out. First of all, because for me, I was in a situation where at least in the beginning, I had to make sure I was well enough to do my service, what I signed up to do, the Hippocratic Oath with all that stuff.

I thought to myself, “Many people must be thinking along those lines this time in our history.” It gave me the idea that there's wisdom in the body. Here's what other people can do for you, but there's a wisdom of the body that you can elicit, you can awaken, and is quite powerful. I did that for myself and thought, “I have to bring this to people,” because of the huge transformations and evolutions it caused for me.

There's a wisdom of the body that you can awaken and it's quite powerful.

When folks come and see you, is there a certain protocol that you like to follow as you're moving through?

The program is in its almost rolling out phase. It's going to be officially out there for everybody in January of 2023. We have a lot of things going on right now with groups in the beta testing. It's not the protocols, it's the delivery of it. How the people would like to receive the information and what's the best way for them to absorb it? It does start with wisdom of the body stuff. It serves every to do that.

Now, there are some people that have a lot of health challenges, and those people might require a bit more of a medical look into some testing and whatnot. With a few questions, I could safely advise those people that we need to go down a different path first before they start. However, for a good 85% to 90% of people, regardless of what's going on in their lives, this optimization, it's an optimization of the body and its ability to do as it is meant to do.

That applies to everybody, and that's what my program takes you through. It's a solid start. It takes away the confusion about where to go. It empowers you to find your own superpowers and your kryptonite when it comes to metabolic processes. It's a transformation from the cellular level. It is remarkable and based on a few other things that we do to help you know yourself, which can be hidden from you, the result you get is dictated by what your body needs. It could be weight loss. It could be an improvement in symptoms. It could be something happening the positive in a healthy direction. It's quite remarkable.

Do you start with a quiz or dig into people's lifestyles, what they eat, or any genetics? Anything along those lines? I would imagine it's multi-faceted.

Yes, that's correct. Part of the onboarding is a little quiz that we have people go through. It's a couple of minutes long. It gives them a little bit of an idea of maybe what their journey has been in their health habits throughout their lives and gives them a bit of perspective as to what that means. It gives them a type, what's your health habit type, and a starting point.

Sometimes when people go, “My goodness, that's true. That's what I am,” it spurs them to want to know a bit more because it's about themselves. The quiz is a very short way of trying to have yourself be heard and understood a little bit. From there, you spring onto deeper and deeper levels. It always starts with your big why. It always starts with knowing yourself. From there, it's amazing how your goals shape. From there, we start to look at the metabolic and cellular levels.

I've talked to a number of doctors that feel very passionately about certain diets. Do you feel passionate about a certain type of diet or food is first in front of most people's minds?

That's the old adage, “Let thy medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine.” I don't like the word diet. It's a metabolic optimization. Knowing what levers to pull, what buttons to push in the system, knowing the players, which hormones come into play, and then understanding what nutrition does to those things. That's how we do it.

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It might look like a certain type of diet, but when you take a step back and see the entire process, we're finding out who you are. We're finding out your big why, your motivations, your kryptonite, and your superpowers, it is more about what buttons to press, what levers to pull, and understanding how food and fuel systems come.

Are you working with folks one on one? Is it group coaching? Is it coursework that people need to follow up on and do some work on? What does it look like?

It's as little or as much as you want. We're going to develop a community where you can belong, a group on social media, and there, you'll be able to just interact with like-minded people and be exposed to some general information on the four pillars that all of this is based on. From there, you can participate in one of our challenges. The one coming up is the Holiday Challenge. As we get into this holiday season, there might be that little holiday weight bump or that lethargy that happens afterward. You're feeling burned out and tired despite all the greatness of connecting once again.

We have a little challenge that sets you up for success, where you can figure out how to apply some of the things, at least in the short term, and get a taste of what things can develop for you. There's a live event that we are going to be hosting in early January 2023 where we spend a bit more time with you. You can learn what it's like to learn from me, find out how I communicate, and a little bit more, a little deeper dive. That links into our larger course and you can certainly sign up for what's going to be happening towards the end of January. It's wherever you want to fit in and from any of those points, you can expand.

You're Canadian, but then you've also been spending quite a bit of time in the States as well. How much of your program is in-person versus online?

The entire program is going to be designed online. In this day and age, that is another silver lining that has occurred in the last few years. The technologies and the ways in which we can do this are just growing, and that way you can reach a lot of people. It's certainly going to be always something that you can access quite easily and it saves the bother. I used to go to so many conferences, book a flight, book the hotel, and figure out who's babysitting what in your life as you leave. The expense of time, not just resources, and now, it has been eliminated.

In terms of audience, who is your ideal age group or demographic? Is there anything in particular that resonates with you or folks that are truly engaged or excited about one aspect over another? Is there anything that comes to mind?

The demographic often mirrors the person who created the program. Here I am. Maybe you have a few gray hairs. You can be a man or a woman. It's all right. It’s someone who is aspiring for more, somebody who is highly successful in whatever they set out for themselves. It doesn't have to be a job or a career. Highly successful in whatever matters to you or high functioning, but you know that there's something else.

There's something more that you would like for your life on any level. It could be what you want to give to the world. It could be what you want to give to yourself. It could be an improvement because you want to be there for your loved ones a lot more. The sky's the limit, but it's like people in that stage of life. There are the so-called old souls, so maybe in a calendar way you might be a bit younger but feel the same way.

I would imagine that you learned a lot of tools and tips that could be applied to other members of your family as well.

Yes, and what I found in our groups that we have run through this so far is that as the transformation occurs to the person, the people around them are looking and going, “I want some of that. What's going on? What are you doing behind the closed door over there? I've been so busy trying to lead my life that I've been stuck on watching Netflix and social media and you're sneaking off doing what? What is that again?”

This can be great for a lot of people. In the meantime, people can see you in person at your clinic, correct?

Yes. That's something that we're still in transition as well. We have developed a concept called 3.0. The clinic now is in its 3.0 version of itself. As the whole world is shifting all around us into a 3.0 version of itself, Web 3.0, Finance 3.0, and the crypto space. It's all happening in ways. We're extending that now to our general concept. There is a Club 3.0, which is what our Facebook group is going to be called in that community I was talking to you about, and there's a You 3.0, which is that optimized version of yourself that's sitting there waiting that you might not have met yet.

It's still a relatively new phenomenon that there's this connection between the brain and the body. How much of your program gets into cognition, focus, mental health, or mood? How much of that is ingrained in what you're doing?

It is a big one, and I'm going to turn the world a bit of that thought on its head a little bit. It’s not meant to be disrespectful to anybody, but so many people start with the mindset and that's wonderful. They have programs and they can take you through them. What I find though is that like maybe going to the gym, it doesn't sustain, it doesn't last, because your thoughts, your intentions, whatever's going on that higher level, that bigger you level, you can call it spiritual or you can call it psychological. It's okay, but there is a bigger you, and those things are powerful.

I'm not disputing that whatsoever, but guess what they're delivered with or by. They're delivered by the physicalness of you. There has to be a brain cell to create an intention. The crucible of transformation is the. It has to contain transformation. If your system is fogged, cloudy, not working well, or whatever else, the way that brain cell is working is not optimal either. The synapse is not optimal either. Think about if you can have a wonderful intention for yourself and make changes may be in a state when you're suboptimal or maybe when you're not You 3.0. Think about what could happen with a mindset that has a body that is 3.0. It's a quantum change.

In our family, it certainly made a big difference when we took a look at physical health and then started applying. Mental health came right along with it. It was pretty wild.

It turbo-charges that mental health. It's almost like it's very noble to do that and it's wonderful. Many people get changes with mindset alone, but I feel as though there was that other optimization and even what you want for yourself can change.

In your world, are there any favorite tips or things that you want to ensure that people know? Any favorite foods or favorite types of activities that drive optimal physical health, brain health, or anything? Supplements or anything at all that comes to mind?

Yes. The first thing is a message. Maybe a message that's been a bit contrary in the last few years, but we need to have a different one, loud and clear, and that is that you are the master of your own ship and that autonomy is important. Wisdom of the body can take you through anything and you need to wake it up. Sometimes the dream faucet's been turned off and it's turning that back on.

You are the master of your own ship. That autonomy is important. Wisdom of the body can take you through anything, but you have to wake it up.

Number 1 is messaging. Number 2 is a connection with nature and number 3 is understanding that there are powerful processes within you that you do naturally that harbor transformation. Sleep is one of them. As a matter of fact, sleep is one of the first things we deal with in our transformation process and not food choice. My favorite foods, for me, would be high-density and high-quality foods.

What does that mean for folks that are reading saying, “What’s dense?”

Dense is not necessarily heavy or anything like that from a physical point of view, from a scale point of view, but it packs a big punch. The avocado, for instance, packs a big punch with what it can deliver for you, and there's a list of foods like that. Shellfish is another one that packs a big punch for what you get. I realize that people out there have a lot of different ideas about what they wanted to use as fuel, and that's fine. We can work with anybody that way, but that's one thing that we go through and we teach you to identify those things. The supplements are extremely important.

Hello Health has a great line. For us, we teach the basics first and foremost and then get into the complex afterward. However, there's a key five. Sometimes when you go to the health food store or wherever your favorite supplement place is online, you come back with a gorilla arm full of stuff based on everything you've read. All these things are so fantastic, but that could be daunting, but we dispel that a little bit to help you simplify that. It can be boiled down to about 5 or 6 that you can do in conjunction with everything else that we're teaching you to optimize and get you started.

If someone's reading, how are they going to know that I need a recharge on my metabolic health? Is a feeling inside you that you want something a little bit more, or is there a way to screen with you or someone else and say, “There's an opportunity here?” I would imagine everyone has an opportunity to continually improve.”

There's a physical way for you to know. My theory around all of this is about symptoms and how symptoms have evolved. Symptoms of ill health have evolved before modern times. Symptoms were more descriptive of an entire being. They were the whole person. The whole person is melancholic or the whole person had the ethers. I did not do a lot of research on what the descriptors were.

Come the 19th century and the 20th century, the symptoms became something a little more concrete. It was about the function of the person. It’s themselves. All the way down to the 20th century when it became part of the systems of the body. You had heart disease, you had high blood pressure, or you had a thyroid condition. Now, it's gone even more granular. I believe the symptoms now are describing cellular and metabolic things, and the biggest one is brain fog, afternoon fade, and apathy in your life.

Also, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

It’s autoimmune. I've been a medical doctor for many years, and human beings are quite mysterious, no matter how well you can investigate them. There is a phrase that we sometimes had to use, “Not yet diagnosed.” That's happening more and more. That phrase is following a tentative diagnosis more and more and autoimmune conditions are skyrocketing.

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When we were going through what we were going through in our family, I was going back into the research and into the data. I kept seeing the number of disorders going up, which then made me do a deeper dive into it. From what my non-medical background could see, it seemed like they were adding a new name to put a new diagnosis on a new symptom rather than looking at what was causing some of this. In our case, it was a lot of inflammation and doing a deeper dive into what's causing the body to be so angry and to calm it down.

That's a very good way of looking at the body being so angry.

Doing a deeper dive into what causes inflammation opened my eyes and frankly, it's disturbing at the same time because it's impossible to get rid of it all, but I'm certainly mitigating as much as I could.

Something I use to try and hammer this home to people in a visual is the tree diagrams. It starts with 1 and it goes to 4 and 8 and 16. You can have this as the factors that affect your health or the factors that are going on within your physical existence. There's another one for the mental and spiritual as well but let's look at the physical one.

Let’s say it's something like this and you start somewhere over here in the pyramid because you're dealing with someone's blood sugar, anemia, or kidney disease. You can, in this cascade, affect change, but it affects change from this level down. It does nothing for the upward in that cascade. When I talk about our program, we start to look at starting up here as high up the cascade as we possibly can on the cellular membrane level, mitochondrion, and then you're affecting the entire cascade.

It was mind-boggling to me too. I believe that there's more awareness of the blood-brain barrier and what can pass through and what can't. It sounds like you're touching on some of that as well, which is exciting.

Yes, and even the juxtaposition of structures within you. There's something called the hypothyroid inside of you. It has a lot of functions. One of them is to take a measure of what's going on in you like your blood pressure, your temperature, your electrolyte, your sugar balance, or whatever else. It's juxtaposed physically with something called the limbic system. The limbic system is not fully understood, but that's where traumas, post-traumatic stress disorders, fears, and all those very gut-wrenching experiences are stored.

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That’s super exciting. I appreciate everything you're doing. It's phenomenal to meet more and more medical doctors like yourself that are open and continually willing to learn and help others in a variety of different ways. Is there anything else that we didn't touch on that you want to make sure that we get across?

I think we touched on the biggest ones, but I want to repeat perhaps, to me the biggest message. There is the wisdom of the body. There is a way for you to access it, and there is a way for you to find something more that is nagging at you.

How may people find you, doctor?

The best is through our website at the med spa here, You can't say because you can't put two dots in a website. Any questions or anything you would like to know, we will answer from there but soon enough, come the new year, we will have a dedicated website for this burgeoning wellness that we're doing.

I can't wait to participate. Thank you so much, doctor.

You are very welcome. It’s great being here.


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About Dr. David Owers

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Dr. Owers takes great care and pride in delivering his services to his patients and clients. Trained by some of the pioneers in the aesthetic industry, Dr. Owers offers soft, rejuvenated and natural results delivered through a well-honed skill and cutting edge techniques. Always at the forefront of the latest trends and concepts, Dr. Owers delivers safe and effective results that will take years off your face and help you achieve that look you always knew was possible.

Dr. Owers completed his medical training at the University of Ottawa, after being accepted after only two years of undergraduate work due to his high ranking academic standing. After these four years, he completed a family residency at the University of Calgary – Rockyview Hospital. Throughout his training, Dr. Owers received extra training in dermatology, anesthesiology, and plastic surgery rotations. He served the community in a Family Medicine practice for 15 years, as well as being a Hospitalist at Eagle Ridge Hospital in Port Moody. He had been doing non-surgical aesthetic medicine at Ageless 3.0 in Coquitlam since 2007, and runs a leg vein clinic two days a week. Dr. Owers fast became a prominent figure in the Medspa industry, acquiring the confidence of peers and community alike in his endeavours. He decided to leave family practice in order to concentrate his efforts at the Medspa and the Hospital.

Dr. Owers is an active member of the American Society for Laser& Surgery; the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine; the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine; and the American Society of Physician Specialties.



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