6 - Step Framework with International Consciousness and Energy Coach on Focus, Clarity and Calmness

6 - Step Framework with International Consciousness and Energy Coach on Focus, Clarity and Calmness

Marc-Antoine Tschopp, or MAT, is a psychologist, turned McKinsey consultant, turned CEO, turned executive coach, turned consciousness booster for CEOs helping them to lead with serenity in times of disruption. He inspires the organization’s leadership to maintain focus, clarity, and calmness during periods of change and transformation, helping to guide all stakeholders toward abundance and well-being. Marc-Antoine sold his company at age forty-one to follow his passion for human relationships. Throughout his new career of over two decades as a positive and energetic coach, MAT has guided hundreds of elite CEOs in bringing abundance for all. MAT realized that the success of any company depends on a small number of significant decisions made by the CEO. With this observation in mind, he developed a powerful six-step framework to make that one decision right when it matters the most. According to MAT, consciousness is the fundamental difference between great and average leaders. Great CEOs operate from a level of conviction and decisiveness that comes from a heightened consciousness. The more we trust this perfection, the better decisions we make. Thanks to his practical tools, you will navigate your storms with the right map and correct compass to unleash your full potential and inspire your team to reach new heights. Pause, Observe & Decide to be happy, now! MARC-ANTOINE TSCHOPP YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS BOOSTER www.marcantoinetschopp.com (https://www.marcantoinetschopp.com) https://linktr.ee/marcantoinetschopp (https://linktr.ee/marcantoinetschopp)




Pamela: hi this is Pamela worth from Hello Health and the encourage your Wellness  podcast and today I have Mark Antoine  psychologist turned McKenzie col consultant turned CEO turned executive coach turned conscious booster for CEOs helping them to lead with Serenity in times of disruption he inspires so many people uh he sold his company at 41 to follow his passion for human relationships and over two decades a positive and energetic coach Matt has guided hundreds of elite CEOs and bringing abundance for all uh mark thank you so much for being with us.

Marc-Antoine:  thank you pamela happy to continue to serve making helping people to be feel well happy healthy

Pamela: well and your accent is amazing so you uh you're currently located in Mauri which sounds wonderful and then where are you from originally

Marc-Antoine:   I'm Swiss so I speak French and you see my accent that's why I have a strange Jackson as you see and Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean uh so the official language is English but most of the people speak French so very special case

Pamela: yeah special for sure so tell us a little bit about your focus in health and wellness and how you are helping Drive abundance for for those you work with ?

Marc-Antoine:   so I think in the path of life we are all trying to find peace find happiness and uh of course something called wealth uh and all this is connected not only uh through the body um and the mind so he has to do with an alignment between who I am why am I here how do I want to live and in the how I want to live there is aspects that sometimes we forget most of the business people are running their life to make money uh to realize after a while that uh that's not really the the aim and um many of them after being in the 40s 50s realiz I that they didn't took care of the most important thing in their life which are first of all uh the family and uh but what is even more important is myself and when I realize that I did a lot of thing to serve everybody except me so comes a question which is uh how do I take care of myself how do I love myself and that's a subject that uh triggers uh people after having experienced tough time most of the time most of the time it can be a illness it can be a divorce it can be a um change in the job so when we come to the question how do I care about myself how do I love myself of course the body comes as a very important um aspect of it which is how do I heat how do I sleep how do I move my body and uh if we want and this is the case today uh longevity which means living long in an healthy body then I need to take care and uh the body is not only cells uh physical cells it's also when we look further in what are made what our cells made of uh we really we quickly understand that they are made of out of vibrations which is energy so mind my thoughts are also energies my emotions are also energies so I need also to understand and today we talk a lot about emotional intelligence we need to understand what is the emotional world I'm living in and how can make how can I make peace with some emotions that are difficult um at the same time I need to understand what are the thoughts uh and that's also why we talk a lot about mindfulness today uh understanding my thoughts and trying to again find peace with all the thoughts that I have so that's the field I'm working in and the more grub the cells or the quality we are working on when I say grub is for example the body is uh more grub more harder than the emotions and the emotions are more how you say um combined strength for when I say grub I hope the word is correct then thoughts so I need to go from the hardest part to the softest part and it starts with the body and of course then the emotions and then the mind or the thoughts and uh if I well understand you are helping with your Solutions people to have a more fluid body to complement that we can e and help us to make our cells our connections uh flowing in a better way I hope I'm clear in what I'm trying to say

Pamela: no you are and yes um a lot of what I really like to focus on is uh you know making sure that you're reducing inflammation in the body um predominantly around the brain the gut and the immune system and a lot of that does tie into the gut a lot of that does tie into emotions uh you know the information that's now coming out about longevity and cellular energy is super interesting when you start working with someone where do you like to start is there a certain type of exercise or a certain type of homework that you want them to start with and then come back to you?

Marc-Antoine:    yes and I think that's the most simple most evident and sometime the most forgetting one which is calm silence when you say inflammation it means that there is too much energy somewhere burning so we need to calm that how do you calm it mostly through silence we are running constantly everywhere so taking a moment to sit breathe and just learn to breathe and learn to find that space which is Canal and that's where I start yes


Pamela: so are there any types of certain activities that you really require someone to think about is it a certain type of day that you ask them to kind of step away from everything is it a certain type of breathing exercise a certain type of meditation where do you like to kind of help guide people that frankly are so overwhelmed by so much noise in their life and probably many don't feel like they could step away even for 5 minutes what do you suggest?

Marc-Antoine:  yeah it's fun because you're you're saying yeah many things they cannot find the five minutes so find one find one minute it's enough everybody can find one minute everybody can find two minutes of course if I ask them to find a day a week and commit to every week to do something during one hour or two hours that's too much but start just with one minute and try it and understand how it does good for you so they must for must also start with one question and that question is what are you doing that is good really good for yourself and also understand get conscious of that nobody else can live your life and nobody else can make you happy nothing nobody accept you now so the moment we really get on aware of that then that minute becomes a priority and then the minute starts to become maybe five maybe 10 minutes then it can start with a routine simple routine now you see which shtin which tools there are so many tools and beautiful tools I don't care about the tools what is most important is take that moment for yourself now you might meditate because you feel good with medita you might pray you might have a walk on the beach you might uh spending time on your garden you might uh uh maybe read a book or write do your Journal doesn't matter which technique you use in fact use the one that is most suitable to you the one that please you you might do a drawing you might sing whatever it is that's something that please you that is easy for you once we start with the first steps then we start to work further and become a little bit more interested to understand what could be the next step and slowly with time we can start to implement some better routine like for example meditate if this is something that is right for you.

Pamela: yeah you know it I had a mentor once ask me what do I do on a daily basis to fill my cup I was like fill my cup and he says you know what what makes you feel F fulfilled and I said you know and this was a while ago and uh I thought well I don't know if I do anything on a daily basis and since you know I've started to think about this I'm much better about making a conscious effort about doing things that not everything you do can be enjoyable but you certainly can make more choices that are enjoyable and you can think about why something's enjoyable and not enjoyable and how it makes you feel better and why am I here and why am I doing this and you're right it really does lead to uh a much more empowering and uh Happy existence if you can start to take you know you know to say that we're in control of Our Lives I don't know if that's entirely true but we can you know kind of like what you're saying certainly be in control of how we're interpreting situations and emotions and deal with them so um I like that you

Marc-Antoine:  know if I I read a little bit about your story and I think it was your son or it is your son that have that kind of difficulties so suddenly as a mother we start to care and you won't want you want your son the people you care to be at peace to feel happy to have less difficulties whatever it is so you want to be kind with that person and we do this normally as a mother or as a father for people we love we care what are we doing for ourselves the most important person on this planet yeah that's true and that's why I say starting to understand that we are the only one that can leave be happy but it starts to kind of put a mirror in front of us and say as you said what am I doing to fill my cup what am I doing to feel fulfilled suddenly come question like yes but what is important for me in the day what are the things that I do that create in me a good positive energy where I feel alive and suddenly it starts to oh yes maybe you know having that talk with somebody or talking about these kind of things or as you are doing bringing more Consciousness and helping people who are suffering and you mention in a SP certain type of issues like creating fluidity with the brain through your medicaments or through your through your compliments suddenly you have a purpose once you connect to your purpose life becomes very easy and you come slow in a kind of state where you say okay I try the best I can every day to fulfill my purpose but at the same time I am conscious that I'm doing something good for me and in the for me it's not just the for me as an egoistic it's a for me that has something to serve on this Earth on my community my family my business whatever it is and the moment I have this link that I am doing something good for me at the same time I'm serving then abundance comes

Pamela: yeah that's true and it certainly makes the long days easier when you're doing something that helps with your purpose

Marc-Antoine:  so then there is no more long day that's true no because then they are two short days sorry to say so in the sense that um once I have to be honest once you start to really love life and life is every second that I spend it's a gift given by you can call God universe or whatever it is and I'm conscious that that gift will go soon so at that moment there is no long day there is constantly opportunities to feel Fully Alive and just say thank you for the gift that life is offering you and I see that it's just a mindset but I can also be in the same situation and don't see any fear anything of it and as you say just see the problem the things that I don't have the things that hurts and compare myself to the others and saying yes but they have a better life than me and all the stories that we listen on the news or on the web where it's only problems and suddenly the life becomes difficult but that's not true it's so it it's completely wrong every day I breathe in receive beautiful energy that comes to my body just need to be conscious of it gives me the energy to feel alive gives me the capacity with all the means I have to enjoy what is life giving me just going into natur and see the beauty of it just look at the flower whatever it is but of course if I don't do this uh and stay in a world where I only see problems and see the future difficult and being feeling miserable yes then it's a little bit more difficult sorry I hope I'm not talking to.

Pamela: so when you're working with people and helping them how often do you follow up with them what is the followup process look like you know trying to keep them in on on the right path

Marc-Antoine:  um you will find it strange but I will give you a story The Following the story is the following you feel okay in your health okay you feel okay with yourself now you do your tests you go to the doctors and the doctor tells you oh your test doesn't look good in a microc everything change in your life suddenly fear comes uh you are blocked and this happens in microc seconds so there is a shift happening in that situation from a state where you feel okay feel confident feel happy to a stat where everything is at risk right this happen it's the same way around you can in a microsc decide understand get conscious of it that hey wait Life is Beautiful the moment we really th then there is no need to continue and support and help there is no need to come back can say are you doing what you have to do so my what I'm trying to do is bringing that tick so then everybody goes on his own path and take ownership of his life if I have to be around and constantly make sure that you did what you have done then I'm not doing my job properly now this is kind of simply said reality there is a transition period And in the transition period where you move from one state to another yes there are moments where we have habits and we go back to the old habits there are moments where we feel weak and we need somebody around they say hey hey I'm here to support you don't judge you and uh and yes so how long is this period depends on on how long I following somebody most of the time I have yearly um annual uh cont with my the cosos I'm coaching with but they have issues that are popping up depending on the business they have so this is mostly solving issues that are popping up not only their own but also the business ones and for individuals I will say in three months uh meeting them every two weeks let's say six time um I think most of them even quicker than that don't need my help anymore and what I do to be honest also I come back six months or a year later and just ask him where are you just to give it a small push and now we can also use uh technological tools um simple things and we have any tools made so many tools to remind us the problem is we have too many things so what I suggest to them is to set an a meeting with them on their agenda every month or every six months where the commitment they had like I want to be kind with myself and for to be kind maybe I mean that taking a walk on the beach or taking some time singing Whatever it is so put those kind of commitment you have with yourself in a meeting with yourself every three six months and put it you know repeatedly over over so that's a way also that I I hope I answered your question huh

Pamela: yeah no I like that idea I also have um a couple of sticky notes on my bathroom mirror that I'll put up from time to time to every time before you know you're in there a couple times a day so uh you know taking a look at that and just remind yourself of what's important and what your F what what you really want to refocus on um now that's super anything that you want to share that I'm missing that I've not asked about like maybe the six-step framework do you want to touch on that?

 Marc-Antoine:  okay so the point is we are constantly or we are living in a world that is challenged and very challenging especially if we think of the future um the air we breathe the water we drink the food we eat uh those basic things are in question for us the relationship we has amongst people um is often tensed lot of difficult uh relationship at home at work and so on when we again read the the news or listen to whatever we have to hear often is bad news in the sense it create uh unpleasant emotions and unpleasant thoughts so we need to compensate that iously in fact we need true three positive um experience emotions thoughts to com to compensate one negative one but most of the time we don't do so so bringing that awareness to say hey how much today am I surrounded with positive things things that gives me the energy to be alive and uh starting to identify them okay I just had that conversation and having that con conversation like we have now uh I feel something where I feel more teared I have a small smile in my heart I have a smile in my face um I feel that I am energized so bringing that Consciousness constantly and say okay this is what happened today it can be then brought in the evening when I do a kind of summary of the day and say okay what happened that was good during that day and even better if I start to Jour and even better if I start to say thank you for all this because I'm conscious it's a gift that I receive and those kind of you know mindset being aware how many when I say negative is not the right way but unpleasant things that I put into myself being physically being emotionally being mentally and how much of the one that gives me the sense that I am live and it's a gift and it's beautiful gift how much of this put I into myself consciously and it can start with okay the next drink I have just observe so coming to the the six steps that I use is a very simple one I think it starts with making a pose like we are doing now talking we make a pause and then we observe what is happening in my life now and I can observe what is again positive bringing energy or taking my energy creating fluidity or creating blockage just observe and we observe of course my physical the state of my physical body the state of my emotional mind or my emotional world the state of my thoughts also observing what is around around me surrounding with so once this is done then I decide take a decision I take ownership about my own life and the decision is and that's where the first step is pae observe decide and the next three are linked to the decision so the question is what should I decide and the first thing that I need to decide is to respect myself fully which means to love myself first and to go a little bit quicker and deeper in that question it means that I conscious of my purpose I'm conscious of my value system I'm conscious of my emotional wants I'm conscious of my priorities my needs I'm conscious of my um uh limiting beliefs all this takes of course a little bit time to understand that and there can be help so once I am clear of what I should do to love my myself to care for myself to respect myself fully this is this fourth step then I respect the relationship with everything that is around me not the other because that's the issue we have in many relationship is we want to take care of the other people thinking that we know what is better for them but what is strange is nobody else than me know what is good for me and even this it's a difficult path to understand what is good for me so how can I think that I will know what is good for the other very very difficult so stop trying to please the others and do what is right for them just respect the relationship the space that is between me and the other and when I say the other of course it's a person but it's also the nature that is around us it's also the animals everything that is around us respect the relationship that's the fifth key and the sixth one which is probably the most difficult one is don't expect anything in return if you do the first one you already served yourself and if you do the fifth one you already serve the universe or the the the the Earth or the relationship or the family so then don't expect anything in return which mean letting go and once we do so abundance comes because everything becomes a surprise and we see the beauty of life we let go but I think this is the most difficult path or not path but this is what I I believe this is what we are here on Earth for is to understand what it really means to let go and flow is life so those are the six steps

Pamela: thank you is there anything else that we're missing that you want to touch?

Marc-Antoine:  on oh I think you're nothing missing but I just want to honor the what the energy you put in uh interviewing people like what we are doing now bringing Solutions because you know they are good or they were good for you your most important person for you which is your son and you know how this helped and through that you continue your path to serve and bring this capacity to other people and I'm convinced not easy every day and it needs a lot of discipline rigor if you're continuing this kind of podcast it means that you put the energy and I can imagine it's not always easy okay I need to do this and bring find somebody and tell about that but you're continuing so I want to honor that thank you

Pamela: I appreciate that so how can people find out more about you?

Marc-Antoine:   just go on the App tap my name and you'll find it

Pamela: all right it sounds perfect well thank you very much Marc

Marc-Antoine:  thank you Pamela thank you for what you did. have a good day


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