Hello Health Study Results are In!

Hello Health Study Results are In!

Hello Health recently conducted a Study with 59 participants and here are the results so far:

of 59 people (ages 4-87),

  • 97% of the participants experienced increased mood and focus.
  • 97% of the participants experienced better ability to overcome infection
  • 95% of the participants experienced better digestion
  • 93% of the participants experienced better overall health and increased energy
  • 32% of the participants experienced decreased rage and aggression

Here are some of the comments:

“Mood, energy, and awareness have all been good. Physically, he is doing quite well, and we have noticed that his digestion is improving. “

“Doing well over all with mood and even allergies are improving. He's got [less] "irritation" to every food he has been tested for and he has had less bags under his eyes even. Good improvement within the last two weeks”

“Digestion seems to be getting under control. He is still having bowel accidents, but toileting has been better for urination - much fewer accidents. He seems a little calmer, still having moments of craziness, but they are fewer. Focus is a little better. Occasional aggression still but is a little less violent."

"A little calmer, less hyper, improved acne”

“Acne seems better, still has anxiety but less upset”

“Seeing some emerging cognitive gains in communication”

“I've noticed my daughter’s coloring is better overall. She had a slight breakout on her face when we started but it went away after a few days. Her mood does seem to be slightly better.”

“My son was sick last week. Usually I dread that. He is always bad and gets dehydrated easily. He never gets over even something small easily and definitely not [in] less time than a week. He was better in 3 days! One great improvement.”

We now have 5 new studies scheduled to begin next week.

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