One Woman’s Arduous Journey to Transform Her Son’s Health Inspires Her to Encourage Wellness in Others

One Woman’s Arduous Journey to Transform Her Son’s Health Inspires Her to Encourage Wellness in Others

Hello, Health is a story of a mother’s perseverance addressing her son’s rare and difficult-to-diagnose autoimmune disorder. Hello, Health details a grueling journey, but it has a happy ending. This mother, Pamela Wirth, was able to find solutions to that gave her young son his life back.

When Pamela Wirth’s six-year-old son, Ryan, began to developmentally regress, she did what any parent would do: she took him to the doctor. Unfortunately, several doctors could not adequately explain or treat his tics, anxiety, lethargy, or unusual vocalizations. Refusing to accept that her son was forever altered, Pamela went on a search for answers.

After years of doctors’ appointments, differing diagnoses, research, expert consultations, and watching her son suffer and experience difficulties at school, sports and home, Pamela Wirth was able to find a sustainable solution to what they would learn to be a rare autoimmune disorder, autoimmune encephalitis. Ryan’s condition had been triggered by a virus and a form of the bacteria later found following a tonsillectomy that causes strep throat though he never tested positive for strep throat (or high strep titers) outside of blood work.

The road to recovery was long, but ultimately successful and it couldn’t have been done without Ms. Wirth’s care, hope, persistence, and courage. Along the way, Ms. Wirth gained extensive knowledge on inflammation, the immune system, gut health, environmental triggers, and functional ways to address each of these unique systems. With new holistic treatments, including basic vitamins such as daily probiotic, vitamin B12, methylfolate, and vitamin D3, she found that her son’s immune system could fight the infections that were making others around him sick.

Ms. Wirth wants every parent struggling with the health of their children to know that with knowledge and the right treatments, parents’ care, hope, and persistence are what can eventually enCOURAGE wellness in even the most difficult cases. She wrote Hello, Health to share her and Ryan’s story and to empower other parents and caregivers who are struggling through similar situations to be able to find natural, holistic wellness solutions and innovative therapies, without fear. The book also contains contributions from other parents and doctors who help families, including pediatric neurologist Melanie Alarcio, M.D., immunologist Ryan Casper, M.D., and Jeremy Appleton, N.D.

Apart from founding authoring Hello, Health, Pamela also founded the company hellohealth®, which provides holistic nutritional formulas, scientific education and support for courageous families to help children live their lives fully. She also serves as a Mentor for Coplex Venture Builders, Arizona Commerce Authority and is Principal of Strategic Growth Advisory and Unified Safe Guard. She is also a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), holds a real estate license and resides in Scottsdale Arizona.

Hello, Health was published by Hello Health Nutrition LLC and is available on and Amazon.

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hellohealth® provides holistic nutritional formulas, scientific education, and support for courageous families to help children live their lives fully. Founded by Pamela Wirth after a struggle to diagnose and treat her son’s rare pediatric autoimmune disease, hellohealth® believes in the power of care, hope, and persistence and that all children have a right to a happy, healthy life. Learn more about hellohealth® at

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