Smart and Simple Strategies to Help You Live Up to Your Full Potential

Smart and Simple Strategies to Help You Live Up to Your Full Potential

By Kathrine Williams

If you have been down and out but are now ready to rebuild your life, congratulations. Bouncing back from any kind of setback can take a toll on your confidence, self-esteem, and desire to achieve. Now, you are in a unique position to step forward with more enthusiasm than ever. Today on the HelloHealth blog, we offer a few quick tips to help you take control.

Start a Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle and/or your own business can be one way to have more control over your finances. If you’ve been thinking about going out on your own, you are not alone. Ask for help and explore marketing services that can help develop your brand from the ground up so that you can turn your idea into a legitimate business that fulfills you personally and professionally.

When starting out, it can help to avoid spending money unless necessary and focus on spending money where you can track a return on investment also known as ROI.

Squash your bad habits

We think of bad habits as things like smoking, drinking, and skipping out on sleep. But, as Everyday Power explains, there are plenty of other self-confidence destroyers that you should push from your life altogether. Negative thinking, perfectionism, and not believing that you contribute to your circles are just a few of these.

Learn how to relax

When you tally the perks of relaxation, you probably only look at the mental health aspects. But, going on vacations, pausing to watch your favorite TV show, or just simply sitting in the sun have plenty of health benefits for your body, and relaxing can even help you be more efficient in your career.

Purge negative thoughts

It’s not always easy to let go of negative thinking and self-doubt. This is especially true when you’ve experienced a major life change, such as divorce or the loss of a loved one. If you find that you simply can’t reframe your thinking, find a counselor that can walk with you through your journey of self-discovery.

Focus on your physical health

Spend time each day exercising, and you may find that you lose weight, tone your muscles, and have more energy overall. Plus, exercise is a great opportunity to get together with friends or to have a quiet moment with yourself

Eat healthier foods

The food you put into your body is what drives you each day. While there’s nothing wrong with starting the morning with a strong cup of coffee, you have to give yourself more than caffeine if you want to have sustainable energy. The best advice here is to eat the rainbow, which includes healthy fats and green foods such as avocado, spinach, kale.

In addition to improving your diet, make sure you speak with your doctor and/or nutritionist to ensure your body is absorbing and has adequate nutrition.  If you need additional nutrition or to optimize your gut, explore taking supplements.

Learn to say no

If you feel like you are everyone’s punching bag, backup babysitter, or personal taxi, it’s because you’ve let people exhibit these behaviors toward you. Learn how to say no so that you can take your time for the things you want and need. Life coach Jo Emerson stresses that saying no can keep you out of uncomfortable situations and, more importantly, improve your confidence.

Build your network

Our final tip of the day is to break out of your comfort zone and build a new network. We all need friends to help us feel connected and to provide emotional support. Plus, nothing beats a fresh perspective and the honest opinions that come with true friendship.

Another idea for emotional support is to adopt a pet. Having a pet can be a major boon to one’s emotional wellbeing. Be sure to take care of them with high-quality pet products. There are many different products available, so read veterinarian reviews to find out what is appropriate and will work best for your pet. Then you both can thrive.

Living up to your full potential doesn’t mean you have to do things by everyone else’s expectations. If you want to boost your own confidence, start with things that make you feel like the best and truest version of yourself. This might be starting your own business, exercising, or simply reclaiming your time. Whatever you do, remember that nobody else has the power to shape your future.

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