Reduce Anxiety and Depression By Flowing These Healthy Habits.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression By Flowing These Healthy Habits.

Change your diet. Exercise. Feel good again. Take control of your life.

Have you ever noticed how hyperactive you feel after eating sugar, drinking cola or coffee? Or how you feel tired, drained, and non-energetic after eating certain types of heavy foods?

Diet, nutrition and exercise play a very important role in dealing with anxiety, stress and depression. What you eat affects the way you feel emotionally and physically. Here are some diet and nutrition recommendations:

  • Cut back on fatty foods such as cream, butter, ice cream, and pastries. Fatty foods sit in your stomach and are harder to digest, making you feel sluggish.
  • Avoid sugary beverages that can make you feel overstimulated. Instead drink plenty of water a day. Water is a cleansing agent. It also helps to control appetite.
  • Develop a tolerance and appreciation of mild hunger. Think of it as a positive, light feeling, instead of a need that must be met.
  • Avoid caffeine and sweets before bedtime. Try to make evening meals a light meal. It will help you sleep better.

You will do much better handling anxiety, stress, scary thoughts, depression, tiredness, nervousness, lack of self-esteem, almost everything, if you start an exercise program. There is a right one for you. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Am I someone who needs a push, who needs to be motivated? Then, would you do better exercising with someone?
  • Do I have a hard time getting up in the morning? If so, maybe you'd do better exercising in the evening.
  • Do I prefer getting out of the house or would it be more convenient to exercise at home? If you are feeling unmotivated, consider getting out house for a workout.
  • What type of activity do I most enjoy? Riding a bike, dancing, swimming, walking, running or jumping rope?

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